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Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley Broga Semenyih
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Paradise Valley
Lot 1742&1369, Jalan Tarun Broga 43500 Semenyih
Selangor Malaysia
Call us! +60111.6686186


Paradise Valley offers unlimited fun & recreations. It provides the perfect outdoor destination for relaxation, by taking-in the inspiring scenery, enjoying a romantic honeymoon, romantic getaways and family outings. Take advantage of the recreational opportunities available just outside our doors. It may be a romantic stroll through rainforest trails paths and our fruit farms, admiring the scenic beauty of the lush greenery and tropical fruit trees such as passion fruit, jackfruit, etc. Otherwise, trek into the tropical rainforest of Broga Hill and enjoy nature's gift of flora and fauna at its best.

Paradise Valley offers recreational activities and games such as kayaking, flying fox, rock climbing, camping, cycling, board games and many more.

Paradise Valley Broga Semenyih

Resort Semenyih
Paradise Valley Broga Semenyih

Resort Lot 1742&1369, Jalan Tarun Broga
Paradise Valley Broga Semenyih

Paradise Valley Broga Semenyih

  • Abseiling
  • Barbecue
  • Campfire
  • Family day
  • Flying Fox
  • Gathering / reunion
  • Kayaking/canoeing/boating
  • Rope Repelling
  • Sports

  • Campsite
  • Catering
  • Dining hall
  • Dormitories
  • Karaoke set
  • Open space / dataran
  • Outdoor facilities
  • Parking
  • Small hut
  • Sport's field

Paradise Valley Broga Semenyih Paradise Valley Broga Semenyih

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  • City of Semenyih
  • Postcode of 43500
  • State of Selangor

    GPS COORDINATE: 2.940384,101.910532 Get direction here
    lokasi Paradise Valley
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