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Peladang Setiu Agro Resort


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Peladang Setiu Agro Resort
Lot 3912, Guntung, 22040 Setiu
Terengganu Malaysia
Call us! +60199192240


Peladang Setiu Agro Resort is a perfect destination for those who try to get break free away from the hustle and bustle of city lives.

It is located 89 km from Kuala Terengganu and 13 km from Bandar Permaisuri that so called administration center district of Setiu.

Following the agrotourism concept, there are several agriculture element that had been recognized such as landscape, fishing pond, herbal garden, palm oil estate, fruit orchard, Agro Theme Park, Oyster Mushroom Project, Goat Livestock Project as tourism product that are new tourism attraction in this country.

With that concept, the tourist that visit the resort will be amazed with the beauty of the landscape including several beautiful lakes accompanied with the freshness of the breezy air by the tropical rain forest.

With the range of 280 hectares that situated next to Hutan Simpan Gunung Tebu is appropriate for nature lovers.

We offer;

  • Agro Resort with 58 units of chalets,
  • Agro Training Camp with five hostel blocks (can accommodate 250 people at one time),
  • Agro Campground (can accommodate up to 300 people at one time),

  • A variety of recreational activities including Flying Fox, Abseilling, Jungle trekking, rafting, canoeing and many more,
  • Also our new product Laguna Agro Resort at Kg Batu Gong Setiu facilities Campground, 6 units of chalets and a host of activities like river crossing, survival, rafting, canoeing on the lagoon, shellfish and clams, fishing with a breathtaking atmosphere.

    We also offer a supply of quality Palm Son

  • Goat breeds Jamnapari Kaprima
  • Oyster Mushrooms
  • Supply of herbs and dried herbs
  • Tempat menarik Setiu

    Tempat menarik Lot 3912, Guntung,


    • Abseiling
    • Barbecue
    • Cycling
    • Family day
    • Fishing
    • Floating / Water Confidence
    • Flying Fox
    • Jungle Trekking
    • Jungle adventure
    • Kayaking/canoeing/boating
    • Night Walk
    • Obstacle Course
    • Owl Night
    • Rafting
    • Rope Repelling
    • Sports
    • Survival Program
    • Team Building
    • Telematch
    • Water Crossing
    • Water Obstacles
    • Water sports

    • >300 participants
    • Campsite
    • Catering
    • Chalet
    • Karaoke set
    • Open space / dataran
    • Outdoor facilities
    • PA System
    • Parking
    • Restaurant/cafe
    • Sport's field


    Jungle Trekk

    Jungle treks of various durations some up to the whole day are possible. Trekking requires considerable preparations and must be accompanied by an experienced guide.

    Observe flora and fauna at its own natural habitats as the trek are in The Gunung Tebu Forest Reserve. Although challenging, the jungle trek proved to be an equally rewarding authentic jungle adventure. Trekking gears for overnight trekking available on request.


    Cave Exploration

    • Visit Gua Batu Misteri (Mysterious Cave) which has stage of rock formations as if placed on top of each other.
    • Gua Bongkok (Bongkok Cave) which is well known as a resting place of wild animals.
    • Gua Kura-Kura
    • Gua Lata (Mineral Water Cave) where natural mineral water flows freely from deep inside the rock formations.

    Obstacle Courses

    • Long Obstacle
    • Barb wire crawl
    • Tarzan swing
    • Monkey crawl
    • 6ft  wall climbing
    • speed & jump log
    • speed & balancing plank
    • sidewalk
    • Tyre balancing
    • cargo net

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  • Search another Tempat menarik within:
  • City of Setiu
  • Postcode of 22040
  • State of Terengganu

    GPS COORDINATE: 5.593606,102.679657 Get direction here
    lokasi Peladang Setiu Agro Resort
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