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Istana Bambu Undagi

rumah buluh hulu langat
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Eco Resort Hulu Langat


Istana Bambu Undagi
Kampung Sungai Serai 43100 Hulu Langat
Selangor Malaysia
Call us! +60192275620

Bamboo Village Hulu Langat

Our 3 youngsters love the place kept asking to go back to sleep in the bamboo house..the place is chilled out and laidbacks..owner is kind and friendly..staffs are nice and warmth ..scenery on the hills side is good too..we had,the chance to see wild monkeys came by and had blast dinner at nearby restaurant..very reasonable n valued for money ..space n timeless feeling!!! We certainly will go back-Hafiza

We love this place! The cooling nature around us and above all the unique bamboo architecture. Splendid! Will inshaaAllah come here again, after all it is only about 40 mins from KL.-jafiz

Amazing peaceful place. If you want to run away from the city and find yourself in the nature with monkeys and sound of crickets at night - that's perfect location! Very kind owner and the rest of people working here. Was a great pleasure to stay here!-Ilona

Awesome kampung style houses with a beautiful scenery of the tall hills.. the soothing wind made it so peaceful to enjoy the nature with family.. nice management team and a sprightly owner too!-Puvana

Have been there with some friends and we loved the place a lot. Can't wait to be there again. A little reminder, this place is in the jungle, don't expect a 5 star Hotel, yet a place with lots of heart.-Mario

Bamboo Village Kuala Lumpur previously known as ISTANA BAMBU UNDAGI [THE RESORT LIVING CONCEPT] located about 500m from main road of Hulu Langat.
bamboo village kl

The Bamboo Villages

Rumah Buluh Betong Resort living was build in August 2008. The complex was build together with Undagi Jatnika Nagamiharja [Bogor] and Ade Sugiono [Jakarta]. Bamboo to build the complex is imported from Indonesia and has been treated to withstand insect and fungal attacks. Resort Hulu Langat
bamboo village kuala lumpur

The complex is not only built with bamboo house only, but it is a combination of Bamboo house, Sundanese Garden & bamboo furniture. The concept named "Rumah Bambu Taman Sunda".Infact in Indonesia it is quite difficult to find this concept, because it is very rare and isolated.Just named a few those who owned this concept in Indonesia is, Tan Sri Da'i Bactiar [Indonesia Ambassador in Malaysia], Tan Sri Try Sutrisno [Ex Vise President of Indonesia during Suharto era], Hetty Koes Endang [Singer]. Resort Kampung Sungai Serai
bamboo resort

Bamboo is not a culture for Malaysian. In view of this when we highlight on bamboo house, mind setting refering to " rumah orang Asli:"Rumah Buloh Betong Resort Living is blend such a way taking into consideration on Islamic "Feng Shui" method i.e there is an element of 'centre of spiritual, "center of energy", "kiblat", wind flow etc.Rumah Buloh Betong Resort Living is named such a way because all of the pillar is made with "buloh betong" Hulu Langat Eco Resort Hulu Langat
the bamboo village

This is strictly important message from the owner, Mr. Ramadhan. "We are a small outfit (one-man show) that require your help in day-to-day running of our beautiful and one-of-a-kind resort in Malaysia." To say that only he is working to develop and managing this village. So you don't aspect to be served as other hotel/resort while accommodate here.

Private Resort

Uniqueness: IMPORTANT NOTICE: Bamboo Village is a sanctuary. No alcohol or drugs are permitted. In return, our guests and friends get a unique life experience. Volunteers are also encouraged to mingle and communicate with resort guests.

Bamboo Village Resort

Bamboo village hulu langat bamboo camp and resort hulu langat bamboo village kuala lumpur hulu langat selangor hulu langat resort tempat menarik di hulu langat tempat best di kl rockbund

Bamboo Village KL

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