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Kem Nur Nikman

Kem Nur Nikman Felda Sungai Klah Sungkai
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Kem Nur Nikman
Felda Sungai Klah 35600 Sungkai
Perak Malaysia
Call us! +60195622343

Kem Nur Nikman had host hundreds of program ranges from "Adventure Programmme" such as kayaking, rafting, flying fox, cat crawling, burma bridge, jungle trekking, water games and treasure hunt; "Team Building" such as motivation, character building and survival; and also "Family Days".

For those whom eager for camping experience, at Kem Nurnikman we also provide secured camp site and tent at a very affordable price. 

Build on the concept that every individuals is equal and the determination of oneself is a complex and unique elements, we equip and design our Kem Nurnikman so that everybody will get their peacefulness and gaining own discovery and experiences. "Maslow's theory" indicate that to achieve the highest degree of motivation is thru learning and experiences.

We never considered ourselves as a trainer because there is nothing to be train. But we always believe that we are here to facilitate our guess to discover their strength and help them to re-build and remedy weaknesses. It's all about discovering oneself.

Hand in hand we can make your "Human Capital" achieving your highest goal. At Kem Nurnikman "Ya! Kita Boleh!".
Kem Nurnikman is build on 12.5 acres of land in the middle of peacefully green and cleanly breeze in the heart of Felda Sungai Klah, Sungkai Perak. Stream running in the middle of the camp and the beautiful view of hills and mountains is an experience which you will never forget. This camp is manage by Arah Tekad Enterprise.
Dato' Abdul Rahim Dahalan is the founder of this peaceful site, who is also known as "Rahim King", the President of Malaysian Ex-Commando Association. He also was a former chief for "Biro Tata Negara"
Kem Nur Nikman Felda Sungai Klah Sungkai

Resort Sungkai
Kem Nur Nikman Felda Sungai Klah Sungkai

Resort Felda Sungai Klah
Kem Nur Nikman Felda Sungai Klah Sungkai

Kem Nur Nikman Felda Sungai Klah Sungkai

  • Motivational program by selected motivator
  • Barbecue
  • Flying Fox
  • Gathering / reunion
  • Jungle Trekking
  • Night Walk
  • Obstacle Course
  • Rafting
  • Sports
  • Table tennis
  • Team Building
  • Telematch
  • Treasure hunt
  • Water sports

  • Bath room / Changing room
  • Campsite
  • Catering
  • Dining hall
  • Dormitories
  • Open Hall
  • Open space / dataran
  • Outdoor facilities
  • Parking
  • Sport's field
  • Toilet

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  • City of Sungkai
  • Postcode of 35600
  • State of Perak

    GPS COORDINATE: 4.002288,101.391878 Get direction here
    lokasi Kem Nur Nikman
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