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Rumah Bonda Homestay

Bonda Homestay Janda Baik
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Rumah Bonda Homestay
Kg. Sg. Lurau, Janda Baik 28750 Bentong
Pahang Malaysia
Call us! +6019-299 1994


Rumah Bonda is a conscious retreat freshness of nature and the village atmosphere that will be felt by every visitor who comes here ... as well as a family home we also provide four chalets of a detached chalet chalets, cottages and two specially designed from bamboo .. every visitor will be able to feel yourself like during the times of our ancestors, it can be said to be during the times of using lamp light.

Not forgetting heard the roar of rushing water and reconcile .. thus makes us feel being in a place that we can not was conceived as a very beautiful and peaceful.

Rumah Bonda is not just a place to conduct business activities but also as a place to unite the relationship between the family and local residents. Each visitor will also be able to experience the fun while he was here and relax with your loved ones.

Bonda Homestay Janda Baik

Homestay Bentong
Bonda Homestay Janda Baik

Homestay Kg. Sg. Lurau, Janda Baik
Bonda Homestay Janda Baik

HomeStay Bentong
Bonda Homestay Janda Baik

Uniqueness: Sebuah rumah besar yang boleh memuatkan 2-3 keluarga..
sebuah chalet berkembar..
dua buah chalet buluh..
berhampiran dengan sungai.
Antara aktiviti yang disediakan:
-jungle trekking ke air terjun ulu tampit
-tresure hunt
-menjala waktu malam
Dan bermacam lagi (atas permintaan tetamu)..

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  • City of Bentong
  • Postcode of 28750
  • State of Pahang

    +6019-299 1994
    GPS COORDINATE: 3.31667,101.867 Get direction here
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