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Tempat Pelancongan Di Perak
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Weekend Vacation Packages


Lot 6059, Jalan Temoh 35350 Kampar
Perak Malaysia
Call us! +60125026115

Tempat Percutian Menarik Di Perak

At the moment you can still bring your own food even it charge for RM10-00 Nice place to spend time with family. Have pools for children and adults to play and swim Newly built up place for tourist attraction as well as a place for family bonding time!

The children can learn and identified the animals there.-Aziz

It is a nice place with nice food and activities like boat paddling for family and swimming.

There is fishing as well. You can see some animals and a time tunnel. Just watch out for the crowd on holidays!-Kitty

Good attempt in making the farm neat and clean. Decent and appropriate place for families.

Overall, satisfied experience though should improve on few basic amenities.-Mike

A good place for a simple and not-so-expensive outing for families . There is even a mini zoo . The pool water is trapped from the all natural water that flow from waterfall.
Tempat Pelancongan Di Perak

Tempat Pelancongan Di Perak

Refarm is also a leisure tourist attraction that provides facilities and a series of activities suitable for friends and families to have a wonderful moment. You may visit us on a day trip, stay overnight or organize an event at Refarm. Resort Temoh Kampar
refarm kampar perak

Refarm’s provides the most creative and thoughtful accommodations that is a room for 2 pax, room for 6 pax and room for 4 pax. Resort Lot 6059, Jalan Temoh
Tempat Percutian Menarik Di Perak

They have also villa stay for 4 pax and 6 pax complete with attached bathroom, living area and villa pool. Temoh Kampar Weekend Vacation Packages

Some activities like net fishing, cycling, jungle trekking, animal feeding, pedal boat and of course an open swimming pool.

Tropical Resort

  • Catering
  • Chalet
  • Musolla
  • Restaurant/cafe
  • Swimming pool

Features #2
  • Queen bed
  • Water heater
  • Aircond
  • Hair Dryer
  • TV

Uniqueness: A very interesting place for children and family.There are petting zoo,pools,pedal boat,toilet and restaurants.Reasonable entrance fee so far.

Tempat Yang Menarik Di Perak

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  • Koleksi Tudung Labuh Terkini
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  • City of Kampar
  • Postcode of 35350
  • State of Perak

    GPS COORDINATE: 4.271694,101.171081 Get direction here
    lokasi Refarm
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