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Le Manah Retreat

Le' Manah Retreat Janda Baik, Bentong Pahang
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Le Manah Retreat
Kampung Chemperoh Kampung Janda Baik 28750 Bentong
Pahang Malaysia
Call us! +60193218877


Situated in Janda Baik, Pahang, Le' Manah Retreat is a resort catered for families or group togetherness. With a Tudor-styled bungalow and top notch facilities, you can host reunion parties, family gatherings and even a carnival while enjoying quality time and excellent service by its owners.

Come and experience our unique Tudor-styled family holiday home, which was lovingly built in 1999 by our late father. It is spread over a 3-acre land which is surrounded by beautiful natural landscape. Experience the cool weather and clean mountainous air. Located only 40 minutes drive away from KL or 25mins from Genting Sempah.

Facilities available include 7 bedrooms, 1 dorm, 4 bathrooms (plus 2 more outdoor bathrooms), fully fitted kitchen, dining and lounge areas (sitting capacity for 50 pax). Recreational facilities include tennis court (for tele-match and futsal), badminton court, fishing ponds, kids pool, games room, BBQ areas, outdoor courtyard, garden area, outdoor hall (sitting capacity for 150 pax: for dining, meetings etc), private access to natural river and activity options (eg waterfall trekking with guides).

Ideal for family holiday or corporate retreats or day-events. Food catering is available upon request. We provide a unique place for quality family/group togetherness Min 2-night stay is highly recommended (based on actual guests' feedbacks)


  • 1 dorm (sleeps 12 pax)
  • 2 outdoor bathrooms (nearby)
  • indoor hall (sit 50 pax for meeting/games)
  • fishing at our 2 fishing ponds and fishing house
  • kids swimming pool
  • badminton court
  • reflexology track
  • uphill running steps
  • tennis court (also for futsal and/tele-match games)
  • garden (also for camping/open dining/tele-match games)
  • games room (kids slides and a ping-pong table)
  • outdoor hall with a view (dining/meeting/camping - can sit about 150 pax)
  • river (in front of resort)
  • jungle trekking
  • BBQ area in courtyard or in front porch (next to outdoor hall)
  • karaoke set (English songs only at RM80 p/night)
  • games equipment (deposits are required before use:
  • fishing rods (1 hook only p/rod), ping-pong bats)
  • The bungalow is either for self-catering or food can also be provided at additional cost.


    There is a total of 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Each room can fit 2 pax on Queen bed and 2 pax on floor (extra double mattress with full beddings is available).

    Main house

    View of the house, the view at night, the bonsai tree at the front, the lounge, dining and kitchen areas. For self-catering, the kitchen is fully fitted with 1 gas stove, 1 electric oven, a fridge and a microwave. Food catering is also available upon request.

  • Le' Manah Retreat Janda Baik, Bentong Pahang

    Resort Bentong
    Le' Manah Retreat Janda Baik, Bentong Pahang

    Resort Kampung Chemperoh Kampung Janda Baik
    Le' Manah Retreat Janda Baik, Bentong Pahang

    Le' Manah Retreat Janda Baik, Bentong Pahang

    • Barbecue
    • Council Meeting
    • Family day
    • Fishing
    • Jungle Trekking
    • Jungle adventure
    • Seminar and workshop
    • Sports
    • Table tennis
    • Team Building
    • Telematch

    • <200 participants
    • Campsite
    • Catering
    • Dormitories
    • Karaoke set
    • Kitchen
    • Open Hall
    • Open space / dataran
    • Outdoor facilities
    • Seminar room (closed)
    • Sport's field
    • Swimming pool
    • Toilet

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  • City of Bentong
  • Postcode of 28750
  • State of Pahang

    GPS COORDINATE: 3.312418,101.877079 Get direction here
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