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Kiulu Nature Camping Ground

Kiulu Nature Camping Ground Tampaluri SAbah
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Kiulu Nature Camping Ground
Pekan Kiulu kg bayag Tampaluri, 88450 Tampaluri
Sabah Malaysia
Call us! +60133521414


Trekking at Kiulu Nature Camping Ground is one of many activities that sabah ( Borneo ) provides some are created base on the salt trail used by locals and missionary in the old days. But many has been establish base on hunting trail by the native. Camping out and trekking is one of my hobbies it gives knowledge of survival and Independence to me.

There are many people who goes out in to the wilderness trekking and roughing it out come back with wild story's of their experience whether its spiritual or just cultural shock for them its always fun as a dinner story.Im offering a place that you can experience nature ,and get close to your family/friends by doing same outdoor activities.

Kiulu Nature Camping Ground Tampaluri SAbah

Resort Tampaluri
Kiulu Nature Camping Ground Tampaluri SAbah

Resort Pekan Kiulu kg bayag Tampaluri,
Kiulu Nature Camping Ground Tampaluri SAbah


Uniqueness: Group Activity:
  1. X Kiulu Rafting + Team Building Games.(package)
  2. Kiulu River Rafting + Lunch + Transportation Return KK City.(package)
  3. 45 minutes Jungle Trekking + Rafting.
  4. 2Day 1Night  Camping + Born Fire + Rafting.(package)
  5. 3Days 2Nights Camping and activity (package)
  6. Flaying fox.
  7. Wall climbing
  8. Up ceiling
  9. Zip line.
  10. 2 Days 1 Night family outdoor 
  11. Weekend activity Rafting
  12. Acrostic   
  13. Assassin                                   
  14. Animal Kingdom
  15. Build a bridge  
  16. Blind trails     
  17. Blown away 
  18. Copycat  
  19. Comedy Hour 
  20. Cycling
  21. Caterpillar Race
  22. Distinctly Beautiful 
  23. Drop the lid 
  24. Encouragement Game 
  25. Five around the circle
  26. Forgives  and forgiveness
  27. Guess the person  
  28. Grab the finger    
  29. Life size Battleship  
  30. Laughing therapy      
  31. Human Knot    
  32. Human rope    
  33. Instinct    
  34. Jungle trekking   
  35. Night hunting  
  36. Newspaper in shoe 
  37. One voice 
  38. Peanut Butter River   
  39. Rafting   
  40. Red riding hut    
  41. Sit down if...     
  42. Sign hunting   
  43. Single bamboo cross river competitions
  44. Shave the balloon  
  45. Silent night    
  46. The Toaster Game   
  47. Toilet role game 
  48. Treasure hunt   
  49. The Animal Game   
  50. Tell about your self    
  51. Village orientations   
  52. Where were you?     
  53. War Game (paint ball)

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  • City of Tampaluri
  • Postcode of 88450
  • State of Sabah

    GPS COORDINATE: 6.027,116.17391 Get direction here
    lokasi Kiulu Nature Camping Ground
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