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Hulu Langat Fishing Resort

hulu langat fishing resort
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Hulu Langat Fishing Resort
9, Jalan Sentosa 11/A, Taman Desa Sentosa 43100 Hulu Langat
Selangor Malaysia
Call us! +60146373979

Kolam Pancing dengan Chalet

"Love this place... every time I buy new fishing gear I would come and test it out at Hulu Langat Fishing Resort!!! VIP treatment where I don’t get at any other fishing park. Great catch and great bite rate!!! Recommend to take the VIP platform for privacy"-Cheah

"We went there purely for the fishing. And glad to say we left happy pulling in good sized mekong fish and even a massive siamese carp. Place was cool as it was drizzling but there were ample cover from the sun and seatings with fan available. Good place to escape the hub bub of city living and wind down" -Mohd Rijal

"Clean and great guide service, but you need to be active. Caught 7 Mekong catfish 5 to 15kg. Comfortable in late afternoon. Ordered dinner from restaurant . A little pricey but where else will you get these kind of fishing ... Will be back. Wish there was more variety and also ability to use different bait"-Chow

Hulu Langat Fishing Resort terletak di perkampungan Batu 16 Dusun Tua Hulu Langat. Terletak kira-kira 1.5km dari jalan utama Hulu Langat dan melalui jalan masuk Taman Desa Sentosa di Jalan Sentosa 6. Kira-kira 700 meter lagi masuk selepas kawasan perumahan.

Hulu Langat Fishing Resort

Tarikan utama di fishing resort ini sudah tentunya kolam memancing ikan seluas hampir 10 ribu meter persegi (120m x 78m) dan dipenuhi ikan yang bersaiz besar. Resort Hulu Langat Hulu Langat

Kolam memancing ikan ini dibahagikan kepada 2 kawasan utama iaitu kawasan pancingan umum dan kawasan vip yang mempunyai chalet. Terdapat kira-kira 15 buah unit chalet disedikan di tepi kolam dengan anjung khas untuk aktiviti memancing. Resort 9, Jalan Sentosa 11/A, Taman Desa Sentosa

Dibuka 7 hari seminggu, tempat ini menjadi tarikan kepada kaki pancing kerana keselesaan kawasan tempat memancing dan ikan yang bersaiz besar. Konsep pancingan adalah tangkap dan lepas manakala penggunaan umpan hanya yang disediakan oleh pihak resort. Hulu Langat Hulu Langat Vacation Sites

Antara jenis ikan yang terdapat di sini ialah Siamese Carp, Redtail Catfish dan Mekong.

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Kolam Pancing di Hulu Langat

Hulu Langat Chalet

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  • City of Hulu Langat
  • Postcode of 43100
  • State of Selangor

    GPS COORDINATE: 3.146021,101.833088 Get direction here
    lokasi Hulu Langat Fishing Resort
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