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D'Qnut Chalet And Restaurant

melaka tempat menarik
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D'Qnut Chalet And Restaurant
Lot 610, Batu 31, Bukit Darat 78200 Kuala Sungai Baru
Melaka Malaysia
Call us! +6012-2447408

Tempat Menarik di Melaka

Not that bad.. suit for those hunger for thrill. Not suitable for family with small kids as the family room is upstairs.-Syafiza

The most suicidal sunset you view here everyday, with privacy guaranteed, don't scream too loud, there's no tv hehe-Adam

Persekitaran yang menarik. Suasana yang damai dan menenangkan. Cuma ada kekurangan dalam hal pengurusan.-Firdaus

1.Restoran makan tak ada.
2.Pintu bilik tak ada extra lock dari dalam
3.Bising. Orang sebelah depan semua boleh dengar.
4. Pukul 12am pun duk karaoke lagi.
4.Tak sesuai untuk ketenangan. Untuk family day boleh la sambil2 buat bising-mnx

D'Qnut Chalet is inspired by the current contemporary style that is getting hotter, the concept of the cabin has been highlighted and it has attracted today's customer demand
melaka tempat menarik chalet

Tempat Menarik Melaka

D'Qnut Chalet provides a wide range of facilities for holidaymakers here, including the open hall which is ideal for family and family day events. Also provides relaxing facilities or special events with a variety of exciting activities. Resort Pantai Kuala Linggi Kuala Sungai Baru
tempat menarik di melaka

D'Qnut Chalet & Restaurant has added 60 more chalets based on cabins for visitors and there are several types of chalets that visitors can choose from. Among them are 40 Garden View Std, 10 Family Seeview and 10 Family Garden Seeview. Resort Lot 610, Batu 31, Bukit Darat
tempat menarik di melaka

For fishing enthusiasts, the D'Qnut Chalet is one of the most popular places and locations within the fishing lane. Pantai Kuala Linggi Kuala Sungai Baru Cheap Beach Vacations
tempat menarik di melaka family day

It is just 10km from the Pengkalan Balak beach and takes only 45 minutes from the Pedas toll.

Beachfront Resort

  • Chalet
  • Karaoke set
  • Open Hall
  • PA System
  • Parking

Uniqueness: D'Qnut Chalet juga menjadi pilihan untuk penyu jenis karah atau nama lainnya penyu sisik untuk bertelur disekitar pantai chalet.

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Melaka Tempat Menarik

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  • City of Kuala Sungai Baru
  • Postcode of 78200
  • State of Melaka

    GPS COORDINATE: 2.371302,101.976256 Get direction here
    lokasi D'Qnut Chalet And Restaurant
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