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Apartment Baiduri Homestay

Baiduri Homestay
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Apartment Baiduri Homestay
Tasik Kesuma 43500 Semenyih
Selangor Malaysia
Call us! +60178892297

Bedrooms: 2

Baths: 2+1

Estimate Price per Night: RM150


Assalamulaikum wbt and greetings to all customers of Malaysia Homestay Semenyih, special to the "Muslim Families & Married Couples Only"

fence equipped with grille (main doors, balconies, and windows) for the safety of consumers.

very strategic location, which is the main attraction Semenyih homestay where the alternative route to all points in Kajang, Bangi and Value 3

Among those places are:
Near COLLEGE HIGH-MARA, only 5 minutes to get there.
-Close to shopping bridal goods VALUE 3 - only 20 minutes
H / Stay comes with with 2 + 1 rooms and 2 bathrooms.
Master bedroom-One bed 'queen' size ', closet, where make-up,' and fan
Double room-bed medium evacuation and 'fan'.
Barang2 storage.

It is ideal for those wishing to attend
i. convocation,
ii. weddings,
iii. enrollment to IPTA / IPTS, iv. course
v. or anything that requires you to be
while relaxing with your family.

Here you can enjoy the excitement, tranquility and comfort with all the facilities provided.
Facilities can be enjoyed in Semenyih Homestay is:
A. Prayer corner
Two. Television & Radio
Three. Set a chair "L" Shape + sofa 2 + 3
4. Double Door Refrigerator
Five. Kitchen Cabinet and Place cooked (Buit in Hob).
6. Dining Room for family + light cendelier.
7. Plates and spoon
Eight. Kitchen and cookware (pot & pan)
9. Washing Machine (semi-automatic)
10.Ruang parking for 10-12 cars.

1 night = RM150

Home Stopover / Homestay in Baiduri Apartment, Lake Kesuma, this Sel.Rumah GROUND FLOOR "G FLOOR". (no need susah2 up the stairs hehe ..)

Baiduri Homestay

Homestay Semenyih
Baiduri Homestay

Homestay Tasik Kesuma
Baiduri Homestay

HomeStay Semenyih

Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 2+1

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  • City of Semenyih
  • Postcode of 43500
  • State of Selangor

    GPS COORDINATE: 2.944482,101.844549 Get direction here
    lokasi Apartment Baiduri Homestay
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