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Zakaria Homestay Wisma Desa Damai Rengas Labok

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Zakaria Homestay Wisma Desa Damai Rengas Labok
Kg.Rengas, Labok 18500 Machang
Kelantan Malaysia
Call us! +60139349690

Bedrooms: 9

Baths: 7

3 units homestay (1 unit 3 bedroom, 1 toilet and bath) and shop houses for rent. Located in Kg.Rengas, Labok / Tok Bok, which is monitored by krt inconclusive at night ..
Near the restaurant. Location: 15 km from inconclusive to Kota Bharu and about 30 km from Kota Bharu to inconclusive Machang-Pasir Puteh road unfinished.

FEATURES: located near the tourist area of ​​Hot Springs Village Tok Bok who was believed to heal skin diseases, stroke and others with the grace of God ....
Facilities: -1 bedroom 1 king size bed -Television, upholstered, kettle electricity, dining table, a blanket, toto and pillows.

Homestay Machang

Homestay Kg.Rengas, Labok

HomeStay Machang

Bedrooms: 9
Baths: 7

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  • City of Machang
  • Postcode of 18500
  • State of Kelantan

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    lokasi Zakaria Homestay Wisma Desa Damai Rengas Labok
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    { "@context": "https://schema.org", "@type": "Place", "address": { "@type": "PostalAddress", "streetAddress": "Kg.Rengas, Labok", "addressLocality": "Machang", "addressRegion": "Kelantan" }, "image": "", "description": "Wisma Desa Damai Rengas(W.D.D.R)", "telephone": "+60139349690", "geo": { "@type": "GeoCoordinates", "latitude": "", "longitude": "" }, "name": "Zakaria Homestay Wisma Desa Damai Rengas Labok" }