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Tudung Labuh Muslimah


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Tudung Labuh Muslimah
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We help Muslimah for getting length hood, Shawl, blouse, Muslimah cloak, Inner Magic, Inner chin, chin Cover with reasonable price. Wholesale purchases and retail also provided. We're also a district stockis for D'Mahligai Scarf, Syazara and other butiqe.  For purchasing, please use the add to cart within the product. Otherwise, for wholesaler or booking can directly contact me via Sms/WhatApps: 019-2229255 (Asmidar Jailani). Fb Page: Tudung Labuh Terkini Asmi ♥
Fesyen Tudung dan Shawl Terkini
Koleksi Tudung Labuh Saiz l, xl, xxl, xxxl

tudung chiffon denimTudung Labuh Muslimah
Tudung Labuh Muslimah

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    0192229255 Asmi : 0192229255
    Koleksi Tudung Labuh Saiz l, xl, xxl, xxxl " />