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Seri Bayu Tekala

Seri bayu tekala Hulu Semenyih
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Seri Bayu Tekala
Batu 30 Sungai Tekala 43500 Semenyih
Selangor Malaysia
Call us! +60129328764

Picnic areas, a place where visitors can bathe-manda with family or friends. This area is usually full on weekends and public holidays. Visitors can also make BBQ by the river, while resting in the tent to enjoy the gentle breeze that language. For your information all the water that flows from the dam Plant.
If you move just a bit of a picnic area, you will be entering the Sri Bayu Tekala fishing pond. The picture shows the place of registration for eager anglers fishing in Sri Bayu Tekala. There you will find the cash register and all entries fishing competitions and jackpot activity. The adjoining stall, where is the place for visitors to eat.
Seri bayu tekala Hulu Semenyih

Tempat menarik Semenyih
Seri bayu tekala Hulu Semenyih

Tempat menarik Batu 30 Sungai Tekala


  • Barbecue
  • Family day
  • Fishing
  • Gathering / reunion
  • Jungle Tracking
  • Telematch

  • <300 participants
  • Campsite
  • Fishing ponds
  • Karaoke set
  • Open space / dataran
  • PA System
  • Parking
  • Sport's field

Uniqueness: There are 14 ponds, only 5 pot ponds used for the competition of pool 2, 3, 7 & 8. Pool 1 is opened to competition if necessary. Pool is open 24 hours a day.

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  • City of Semenyih
  • Postcode of 43500
  • State of Selangor

    GPS COORDINATE: 3.059715419562,101.87503344744 Get direction here
    lokasi Seri Bayu Tekala
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