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Redang Bay Resort

Redang Bay Resort
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Redang Bay Resort
139 Jalan Bandar 20100 Kuala Terengganu
Terengganu Malaysia
Call us! +609-6203200


REDANG BAY RESORT - located at Pasir Panjang (Long Beach), Redang Island. The resort offers 76 available units to be exact, made up of 1 double storey block which is consist of 25 family room, 27 standard rooms and 24 units of twin sharing room which are built in chalet type accommodation. All the rooms are welly attached with air-conditioner and bathroom with hot shower except for dorm. Besides that, you can find almost all the facilities including swimming pool, dive centre, indoor games, outdoors sport and entertainment facilities like karaok and so on.

Come experience the very pinnacle of all-inclusive excellence in the Pulau Redang with an unique holiday resort, Redang Bay Resort, dedicated to explore from the beaches to the ocean of Pulau Redang. Here, you can indulge your passion to enjoy the nature and give yourself fully to the holiday experience which has only been a dream...

So, don hesitate and come to Redang Bay to find yourself an unforgetable memories and get a fresh breathing space and savor the exhilaration of the outdoors. Your STAY. ENJOY and PLAY experiences awaits

All rooms with air conditioning
All rooms with Bathroom attached and hot shower except dorm
Safety Box deposit available in reception counter

Cafeteria Sandfly Cafe


Airport / Bus Terminal Land Transfer Information Services Counter
Souviner & Sundry Shops Coference Hall
Snorkeling Center (Recreation) Dive Center
Outdoor Sport Facilities Swimming Pool
Water Sports (Canoe & Banana Boat)  
Karaoke & Indoor Facilities
Telephone and Fax Services
Children Playground
Telematch games upon Request
Redang Bay Resort

Resort Kuala Terengganu

Resort 139 Jalan Bandar

Kuala Terengganu


Redang Bay Resort offers the best arrangement of tour package to everyone including individual tour and company trip. All the packages stated in the website are based on FIT (Fully Inclusive Tour) for individual trip. For Company Trip under GIT package(Group Industry Travel)

Redang Bay Dive Centre has long been one of the most popular dive centers in Redang island. Since our establishment, we have been offering quality dive courses and dive trips for divers from not only Malaysia, but all around the world. Our dive centre are equipped with well-maintained equipment, dive boats, experience dive instructors and dive guides to take care of all your diving needs. We are able to host up to 90 divers at once, and even with this large number of divers, we do make sure that each of the divers get the best service from us.

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  • City of Kuala Terengganu
  • Postcode of 20100
  • State of Terengganu

    GPS COORDINATE: 5.774416,103.032571 Get direction here
    lokasi Redang Bay Resort
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