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Pangkor Indah Beach Resort

Pangkor Indah Beach Resort Teluk Nipah
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Pangkor Indah Beach Resort
Lot 4451, Teluk Nipah 32300 Pulau Pangkor
Perak Malaysia
Call us! +605-6852107


Pangkor Laut Beach Resort is complemented with beautiful sights and sounds of nature, offering her guests with sweet memories that could create a lasting impression. Almost every angle of this resort is adorned with lovely sceneries of nature and overlooking the Pangkor Island also more famously known as Pulau Pangkor.

Pangkor Island is considered as one of the most visited tourist spots in Malaysia. Well-composed by nature, this petite sized island, is a home to mainly hardworking fishermen and sellers of local bites such as satay, dried foodstuff, salted fish and soon. Greatly preserved of its natural surroundings, this island is carefully structured with wooden houses, retail shops and dining venues of local specialty.

Pangkor indah Beach Resort which are categorised into Chalet 14 units, Hotel Rooms 34 units. 24-hour Astro channel, minibar and many more user-friendly facilities to provide utmost comfort for the guests' stay.

Pangkor Indah Beach Resort Teluk Nipah

Homestay Pulau Pangkor
Pangkor Indah Beach Resort Teluk Nipah

Homestay Lot 4451, Teluk Nipah
Pangkor Indah Beach Resort Teluk Nipah

Pulau Pangkor
Pangkor Indah Beach Resort Teluk Nipah

Uniqueness: Kemudahan:
Chalet ada 14 unit
hotel ada 34 unit
semua bilik di lengkapi penghawa dingin ,bilik air dan toilet di dalam ,tv astro chanel ,katil 2 set single atau satu katil kelamin .
Sajian MAkanan :
sarapan pagi ,makan tengahari ,makan malam, atau BBQ set hanya di buat untuk pakej secara berkumpulan seramai 25 orang dewasa ke atas sahaja .
lain-lain kemudahan :
karaoke, motor sewa, kereta sewa, Snokling, permainan, island tour, memancing.

Pangkor Indah Beach Resort Teluk Nipah Pangkor Indah Beach Resort Teluk Nipah

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  • City of Pulau Pangkor
  • Postcode of 32300
  • State of Perak

    GPS COORDINATE: 4.232312,100.546694 Get direction here
    lokasi Pangkor Indah Beach Resort
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