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Kem Damai Beach Resort

Kem Damai Beach Resort, Bukit Keluang Besut
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Kem Damai Beach Resort
Lot 26. Tanjong Demong, Jalan Bukit Keluang, 22200 Besut
Terengganu Malaysia
Call us! +6019-9827488


Kem Damai was established for those people who want to find a suitable place for meetings, events, seminar, family day and all kind of outdoors activities. We provide various kind of utilities for our customers that need to make sure all their activities will going smoothly as we want.

We also provided a suitable place for those who want to stay with family and friends, 5 minutes walking distance to beach is such a great place for a family to have a picnic. Far away from hazy town and relaxing environment, it is a perfect place to spend time with family We also welcomed to all government, and private sectors to take part in our family.

Family Room

-1 Queen size + 1 single size bed
-Airconditioned + Television can fit 3 adults or 1 family with attached bathroom


Single Room

-2 Single size bed + 1 extra single bed
-Airconditioned + Televeision
-3-4 Adults + attached bathroom



-3 Double decker bed
-Attached bathroom
-5-6 Adults per room


Main Hall

-Suitable for 250-300 person
-PA system
-Projector + Laptop (as per request)
-Fully Airconditioned


Meeting Hall

-Suitable for 50-100person
-PA system
-Projector + Laptop (as per request)
-Fully Airconditioned


LDK Room (6 Room)

-Suitable for 5-10person
-Whiteboard-Airconditioned Room


Dining Hall

-Suitable for 250-300 person
-Open Air (Fresh air breeze from nearby beach)
-Airconditioned dining room for VVIP



-Suitable for 100-200person
-With PA system



-Company , corporate ,school, business





Family Day

-Nearby beach 5-10minutes walk from room
-Equiped with BBQ , Karaoke facilites



-For school , private , universities
-Electricity will be provided on campsite
-Separate bathroom/toilet for men and ladies


Marching Field

-Equipped with Flagpole
-Large Marching field
-Also suitable for morning/evening exercise

Kem Damai Beach Resort, Bukit Keluang Besut

Resort Besut
Kem Damai Beach Resort, Bukit Keluang Besut

Resort Lot 26. Tanjong Demong, Jalan Bukit Keluang,
Kem Damai Beach Resort, Bukit Keluang Besut


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  • City of Besut
  • Postcode of 22200
  • State of Terengganu

    GPS COORDINATE: 5.812011,102.592313 Get direction here
    lokasi Kem Damai Beach Resort
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