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D'Impian Survival Camp

d impian survival camp
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D'Impian Survival Camp
Kampung Sungai Balang Besar 83610 Semerah
Johor Malaysia
Call us! +60197778431


The objective of setting up this type of training camp is to expose the younger children to natural environment. The type of training camp is held during the school holidays. They are taught, among other things, the following:-

1. Safety and awareness of the environment
2. Love nature and learn to keep the environment clean
3. Develop team-work
4. Create self-confidence
5. Maintain discipline

d impian survival camp

Resort Semerah
d impian survival camp

Resort Kampung Sungai Balang Besar


  • Barbecue
  • Kayaking/canoeing/boating

  • <200 participants
  • Campsite
  • Chalet
  • Dining hall
  • Dormitories
  • Fishing ponds
  • Karaoke set
  • Musolla
  • Open Hall
  • Open space / dataran
  • Outdoor facilities
  • Small hut

Uniqueness: FACILITIES: 1. Tapak Perkhemahan 200 orang
2. DewanTerbuka
3. Dataran Kawat - 200 orang
4. Surau
5. Dewan Makan terbuka
6. Bilik Air / Tandas
7. Padang Bola
8. Chalet (urusetia)
9. Chalet Besar
10. Jeram - Bestnya
11. Kolam Mandi Air Jeram -Sejuknya
12. Set BBQ
13. Set Karaoke
14. Berhampiran Pekan - 1KM
15. Kolam Mancing
16. Kolam Training Rakit
17. Masjid 2.5 km

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  • City of Semerah
  • Postcode of 83610
  • State of Johor

    GPS COORDINATE: 1.905520,102.753362 Get direction here
    lokasi D'Impian Survival Camp
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