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Chengal Hill Retreat

chengal hill retreat
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Chengal Hill Retreat
Lot 8537 Kuala Lurah, Kampong Janda Baik 28750 Bentong
Pahang Malaysia
Call us! +6017 2015118


Very nice grounds. Rooms need improvement. Didn't like the 'openess' of the toilet/bathroom. -balvinder

It's my first time here with my friends. It's really a relaxing place. The host is super nice and friendly.

I fell in love in this place as it calms my mind and I enjoyed the feeling of natural here. You will see hens and roosters as well as cats running freely around you :)

I love the river! We stayed in Apachi for the first night and it was an amazing experience! It's like another level of deluxe camping feel.

Open the door of Apachi, you can enjoy beautiful view of sky from your bed. Doing bbq outside of Apachi is fun! The next day we moved to the riverside chalet. From the riverside chalet, babbling and burbling, water of river sprung over the limestone rocks.

It can really soothe our mind and draw our stress out! If you are really looking for a short getaway, Honeymoon, family trip or friends gathering trip, Chengal Hill Retreat is really a right choice!

You can also choose activities here including archery, cycling and Atv. Love this place to the max! Thanks to the host once again :) -Rene

Chengal Hill Retreat terletak di kedalaman hutan hujan hijau, dalam kawasan yang tenang dan surgawi perkampungan janda baik bentong Pahang.
chengal retreat

Resort di Janda Baik seluas 5 ekar ini sedang menunggu anda untuk menemui kesejukannya yang ajaib dari sungai-sungai segar air terjun di kaki bukit. Resort Janda Baik Bentong
resort janda baik

Chengal Hill Resort mengalir di dalamnya aliran air sungai yang mengagumkan, anda akan tertanya-tanya dalam kekayaan flora dan fauna lembah kecil ini. Resort Lot 8537 Kuala Lurah, Kampong Janda Baik
janda baik resort

Accomodation at Chengal Resort

  1. Riverside Chalet 4 pax ( ground and first floor )
    -first floor (2 pax )
    -ground floor (2 pax )
    -queen sized bed.
    -toilet / bathroom attached
  2. Dorm Style Chalet for 9 pax
    -9 single sized bed 
    -3 toilets / bathrooms attached
  3. Water Chalet for 7 pax
    -2 rooms 
    -toilet / bathroom attached
    -2 queen sized bed and 3 single sized bed
  4. Apachi 2 pax per unit 
    -3 units available
    -2 single sized bed per unit
    -toilet / bathroom provided separately ( common area )
  5. Camping (normal tent) for 2 pax
  6. Glamping for 2 pax
    -2 single sized air bed

26 Persons maximum for all units

Janda Baik Bentong Best Travel Packages
janda baik chalet

Check In - 2pm Check Out - 12pm

*Activities / services provided:
-Bathing in the river
-BBQ pit & charcoal (food not included)

Exclusive Resorts

  • Kayaking/canoeing/boating

  • <50 participants
  • Campsite
  • Chalet
  • Homestay
  • Parking

Features #2
  • Queen bed

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  • City of Bentong
  • Postcode of 28750
  • State of Pahang

    +6017 2015118
    GPS COORDINATE: 3.306603,101.876433 Get direction here
    lokasi Chengal Hill Retreat
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