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Alang Sedayu Recreational Park

Alang Sedayu Gombak Utara
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Alang Sedayu Recreational Park
Batu 12 3/4, Jalan Bentong Lama, Alang Sedayu 53100 Gombak Utara
Selangor Malaysia
Call us! +6019-362 4482


Alang Sedayu is located at a secluded spot in Gombak beside of stream just outside Kuala Lumpur and requires only 30 minutes scenic drive along the old Bentong Road from Kuala Lumpur City.

A nice and interesting holiday retreat chalet by the creek. The greenery of nature, fresh air, sentimental of river stream and the sound of the natural jungle will make your dream and motivation program reality.

Alang Sedayu Gombak Utara

Resort Gombak Utara
Alang Sedayu Gombak Utara

Resort Batu 12 3/4, Jalan Bentong Lama, Alang Sedayu
Alang Sedayu Gombak Utara

Gombak Utara

  • Abseiling
  • Barbecue
  • Flying Fox
  • Jungle Trekking
  • Jungle adventure
  • Night Walk
  • Sports
  • Team Building
  • Treasure hunt
  • Water Crossing

Program managed
  • Camp uniformed bodies
  • Excellent Human Character Building Camp
  • Khemah Ibadah
  • Leadership camp supervisor / librarians / Peer Mentor
  • Self Construction Camp
  • Student Excellence Camp

  • Campsite
  • Chalet
  • Dormitories
  • Karaoke set
  • Open space / dataran
  • Outdoor facilities
  • PA System
  • Parking
  • Sport's field

Uniqueness: PRS menyediakan khidmat kursus motivasi, program khusus, bina semangat, khidmat pancaragam/DJ, karaoke, menunggang ATV/BUGGY dan setiap malam minggu ada special occassion dan live band jammed session.

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  • City of Gombak Utara
  • Postcode of 53100
  • State of Selangor

    +6019-362 4482
    GPS COORDINATE: 3.312591,101.736435 Get direction here
    lokasi Alang Sedayu Recreational Park
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